The BCFB Breakfast Series, brings BC’s food industry professionals together to discuss hot topics and issues affecting their business. These powerful events cater to both processors and associate members who provide integral services and products. We engage a variety of different content-rich professional development, learning seminars and workshops in order to help food and beverage companies grow. 

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Does your company want to grow your reputation as thought leaders in the food and beverage industry?  Here are some opportunities to do just that!



Having piloted the Operations Roundtable in 2019, we intend to grow this group while hosting meetings online and quarterly in person through 2021. The Operations Round Table is a forum for BC Food & Beverage members of up to 12 Operations professionals per group, to network and share best practices and strive for continuous improvement. Each member company in the group is non-competitive.  Sponsorship includes paying for the group facilitator, and featured presence at the Industry Classic.


Working off our Operations pilot,  the Leadership/CEO Roundtable is expected to launch in January 2021. Sponsorship includes supplying or paying for the group facilitator, and featured presence at the Industry Classic.


Each year, BCFB will host an Industry Classic event at Foodprowest which will be free for roundtable members, and as sponsor you can host a VIP area for that group.  (see Foodprowest under Events).

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Each year, BCFB puts out a comprehensive wage survey, with benefits survey every 36 months. This serves as the industry benchmarks work compensation, salaries, benefits and more in over 65 positions. 

New value for sponsors:

  • You will have the ability to ask up to 3 relevant questions in the survey.

  • Our Results page has more designed Reporting and will include - The Culture Scan

  • We will conduct a post Survey Webinar analysis for all members to review the results with your participation.


FOR MEMBERS: $2.500 (limit 2 per company) - max 12 per year

FOR NON MEMBERS: $4500 (limit 2 per company in 2021)

If you have content that BC food and beverage manufacturers need to hear about, consider publishing a  White Paper resource and market it among our network.

White papers will be co-branded with BC Food & Beverage, and you supply all your great content.  BCFB reviews and approves for relevancy.

Sponsor Benefits Include:

  • Targeted email campaign introducing your White Paper with a link to register and download.

  • The Ability to ask up to 3 questions (set to “required” before downloading white paper)

  • Follow up webinar event to discuss the content in detail.

  • Invitation sent to all campaign targets- Lead generation

  • You receive the email confirmations of everyone who downloads the White Paper and registrants to the webinar.

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