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Masterclasses and Follow-up Webinar


The BCFB School of Business will offer industry-centric courses through an online, on-demand platform. 


We are aiming to achieve a quality of production that will closely resemble that of, where celebrities and notable professionals instruct master classes in their realm of expertise. 


We invite our valued sponsors, partners, and associate members to produce and present courses to be included in the BCFB School of Business.  These courses will be produced in high-quality video and audio recordings allowing members to learn at their own pace.


The BCFB School of Business will start as an online experience in June 2020, and continue as both an online and in-person education program in the future.


BCFB is offering the services of recording studio Rami Productions in Vancouver.  Rami has a selection of furniture, décor and other props.  We will design individual visually appealing sets for each instructor. 


Rami will provide two professional cameras, lapel microphones, LED lighting, backdrops, and a flat screen (which can be used as a confidence monitor, or as part of your presentation).  They will also have a camera operator/technician onsite.


The studio is social distance friendly with cleaning protocols in place.  There will be only be four people onsite at the studio, including one camera operator, one staff person from Social Ingredients, one representative from BCFB, and the speaker/instructor.


Once your recording is complete, BCFB will edit the video and post to the BCFB School of Business. 


HUGE IMPACT: BCFB will also market the new course to its members across BC, and you may market your Master Classes to your own networks locally, across the country, or globally.

We would love to hear from you..

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